Progressive form save, now generally available in the mobile app!

Hi Community, 

The Smartsheet mobile app is great for capturing information on the go, especially when paired with forms. However, a customer pain point in the past was the fact that all form progress in the Smartsheet mobile app would be lost if a user navigated away from a partially-completed form or accidentally closed the app.

Therefore, to improve the form submission process and prevent form abandonment, we released the new “progressive form save” feature. This feature lets you save an incomplete Smartsheet form as a draft in the mobile app. You can leave the form, access other Smartsheet assets, or even close the app. When you reopen the same form later, the fields you previously filled will be saved. By creating a draft of your form progress, we are making it convenient for you to return and complete it when you have the necessary time and information for submission.

You can also easily clear previously entered data within a form using the new ‘reset form’ button. Please note that form drafts are saved until the user logs out, resets the form, or submits the draft.

This feature is available for all users in the Commercial US and EU instances of Smartsheet. If you haven’t already, download the mobile app to plan, execute, and track work anywhere. 

Learn more about capturing information with the mobile app. 

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John Hieger

Senior Product Marketing Manager


  • Aaron Manley
    Aaron Manley Overachievers

    Agree with @Ken A, this is a very needed function and not just for the mobile app, which is a great start by the way! I am a system admin on our Enterprise account, and I just tried this feature on one of our forms in the mobile app. I saw the rest form button, but I did not see a save anywhere. I was hoping that it would automatically save as you fill in the form since it sounds like this is how it might work based on the name "progressive save" (btw, please don't give a button, please just make it continuously save without the need for the user to click "save"), however I tried this multiple times with no luck. Filled in parts of the form, exited the form and app in multiple ways but never recovered a saved version of the form. Perhaps this is not rolled out to Enterprise plans yet, and if true, when will this be rolled out to those plans?

  • Hi Aaron, if you haven't installed the latest update yet, please go to the App/Play Store and make sure you've updated to version 24.1.2.

  • Hello, can you please add this 'progress saving' feature to the desktop interface? For lengthy forms, this really is a necessary feature. It's clear that the Smartsheet community wants this and is asking for communications about this feature.