Excel drop down menu not being uploaded when using data shuttle


I have an Excel sheet that is used by accounts receivable for tracking project payments. (Small job shop manufacturer) We do over 30 projects a year and each project is unique. There are basic payment terms but usually there are multiple change orders and special terms worked out.

Here is my issue, on this excel sheet each row is a payment type, there is a drop-down column to label the row payment. For uniformity it is restricted to only options in drop down, no type ins. I take the excel sheet do a data shuttle upload to bring it into smartsheet and display data in more collaborative way, dashboards, reports, you all get it.

The drop-down menu does not transfer from Excel into smartsheet. I just have a blank column when i do the upload. I am new to Data Shuttle and this is 4th week using this workflow.

I can't figure out what I missed, please help me...and Thanks!


  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    Are your drop down choices in another worksheet in the excel workbook? If so, run two shuttles, one for each worksheet. For the second shuttle, the dropdown choices, just shuttles the choices worksheet from excel into the smartsheet dropdown choices.

    If not, change the excel so you have the choices in a worksheet.

    You will need two shuttles.