Data Shuttle - duplicate datas ?

Raphael Lng
Raphael Lng ✭✭✭✭
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I did some tests and I think I know the answer but I still want to be sure.

I have a Smartsheet which is a catalog of trainings, and then a database with each row corresponding to an employee + a training.

I would like to avoid formulas in my database, and I was thinking to use Data shuttle to offload the datas from the catalog, and to upload it in my database. I chosed the training name as the key column, and I was expecting that with Data shuttle it would just duplicate the data from for every rows with this training name, but actually not. Do you confirm me ?

I have the options "Merge data in the target based on a key value" , "Add rows to the sheet" and "update rows as they change in the source file"




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Raphael Lng

    If you're using the Merge option and you have your "Training Name" as the "Unique Identifier Column", then you're correct, it will only find one unique match for each Training Name and will skip duplicates (even if the data in other cells is different).

    Do you have another column on both sheets that has something unique per row for it to map to? This enables Data Shuttle to identify what rows should be updated/merged with the new information. If your unique value is the combination of cells (e.g. the Training Name + User) then you could add a helper column with a formula adding those values together for that row (one column in each sheet that can be hidden). That way Data Shuttle can find the correct, matching row to update.

    Let me know if this makes sense or if I can help clarify anything further!



  • Patrick Fleming
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    I just had a similar issue and I do not have the control over the source file to adjust as Genevieve suggested.

    How I am solving is to use helper columns (that I hide) to pull the data into using Data Shuttle (next to the column that has my identifier) and then a basic vlookup to reference it all into columns to populate the duplicates. I know you were looking to avoid formulas, but I can't think of another solve and figured I'd share.