Dynamic View Between 2 Departments with 1 source sheet



I was hoping someone might be able to assist me with a crazy idea and see if it's possible or if there would be a better option.

Here it is: I'm wanting to create a single source sheet that would serve as the foundation of a data warehouse. It would have 2 dedicated admins who would act as bridges between both departments. For example, they would handle any necessary changes or review information from another department on the source sheet/data warehouse due to errors or other issues. This would also serve as a collaborative workspace through dynamic views. The reason for this setup is that both departments require information (columns) from each other but not all. Some columns have sensitive information for that certain department. This sheet would be continuously updated over the years until the row limit is reached. Additionally, it would eliminate the need for permissions to be enabled for end users working in dynamic view. We only want end users to see specific information, which allows us to declutter the workspace. In a report view, you're limited in terms of filtering and grouping, and it introduces complexities with permissions. Currently, approximately 80 people are working in this space between both departments, adding new line items and working with existing ones.

My idea is to create the source sheet with offset columns directed towards each department, which would allow me to customize the views for each department in a row view and display only the relevant information. I would stagger the rows with the associated department as needed.

See below for a rough example, each column would be named to what pertained to that department. Groups are already established with contacts to import.

Would this be a valid option for sensitive information but allow each department to only see the items that pertain to them and be workable for long term?