Dynamic View Form Disappears After Creating New Entry & logic does not run as quickly



We use Dynamic View to allow 3rd party vendors to enter data into our system. The initial form has about 25 fields, and built in logic to show or hide additional fields based on the initial values once the form is saved. On the backend, the Access List column identified to control access to the Dynamic View entries uses a column with Index/Match to pull in the contact list of the 3rd party vendor so that everyone identified by that vendor can access their entries. The form would update after the initial save, and the person inputting the data could continue on to the additional fields with only having to wait a short time while the system saved their initial form. Additionally, as the submitter moved through the form, saving their entries with each step, additional fields would become accessible, and it was fairly seemless


At some point, the system no longer functions the same way. Now, 2 separate issues are happening:

1) Every time a person submits the initial form, the form disappears with the message:

"Record no longer in view.

Due to changes since you last refreshed your view, this record is no longer available. Refresh your view for the most recent data."

I tried changing the Access List column to be "Created By" just to see if the reason the form disappears is because there may be a delay in running the Index/Match to pull in the vendor's access list, but the same message comes up even with the "Created By" field is used as the Access List. Is there a way to prevent the form from disappearing like it did when it was originally built? There are multiple entries now that exist in our system that are incomplete because the person inputting that data did not refresh and then select the entry they just created to continue on with the additional fields.

2) After refreshing and getting back into the same form that was just submitted, if a field is updated that would result in any additional fields becoming accessible, those fields do not immediately appear after the save. The logic in the form used to run immediately on a save, and now seems delayed.

Attached are 4 pictures:

One picture is an initial submission disappearing. This is a screenshot from a video which I cannot upload

One picture shows the "Flat Fee" Field appears, but "Commission/Flat Fee" is still visible when when "Fee Structure" is "Flat Fee" and saved. This is a screenshot from a video which I cannot upload.

Additionally, there are 2 screenshots of the logic used on the form: One says that to show the "Flat Fee" field as required when Fee Structure is set to Flat Fee (This works as intended). The 2nd image shows the logic that says that when the back-end sheet column named "Show Commission/Flat Fee" is "No", the "Commission/Flat Fee" field should be hidden (Because the field is still visible in the screenshot, this logic is delayed in being applied). The formula for the back-end sheet column "Show Commission/Flat Fee" is:  IF(AND([Search Level]@row = "Full/Partial Level Search", [Fee Structure]@row = ""), "Yes", "No"). On this form, the Search Level is already set to "Full/Partial Level Search" and when the value of "Flat Fee" is saved, the "Commission/Flat Fee" should become hidden and should never be visible at the same time as the "Flat Fee" field. If I click out of the record and back in, the "Commission/Flat Fee" field is hidden, so the logic works, it's just not being applied fast enough for a person interacting with the form.

Is there anything I can do to either prevent the delay in logic or to prevent the form from disappearing on the initial save?


  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    Sorry I don't have much of an answer for you other than a suggestion to leverage Pro Desk or Support to dig into your issue. I'm not seeing the same problem, Dynamic View does have a very short (maybe 1s) delay in reading the new data in for me, but that's on a small sheet. It's possible that your sheet is very large and just taking a while for the data read, causing you the issues that you describe.




  • Ryan Michalski

    Attached is a basic recreation of the issues. This is not sheet/view specific it is a systemic issue within Dynamic View

    Thanks for the suggestion, that has been an issue in and of itself. I have a video of a simplified version of this issue, where a backend sheet column is used to drive DV logic, and they have at least confirmed that multiple other customers have complained but are unable to provide any viable solutions at this time.

    Honestly, I think that if we are allowed to use column sheets, not present on a DV form, to drive logic in a DV form, it would stand to reason that the system would allow that logic to process when the form is saved. I can't understand how a support team can update a product like this without testing out that functionality, or at the very least, informing their customers that that functionality is no longer supported