Where has my automation gone?!



I've inherited some sheets from a colleague. When they handed them over, there were a number of automations set up on a sheet as well as a dashboard.

Today, I've viewed the sheet. There are no automations and the dashboard is asking me to add my first widget.

Where has it all gone?!

I've tried the Activity log for the sheet and this doesn't show any changes to the workflows.

Am I going mad - they were definitely there!

Thanks in advance.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @KatieDi

    Is there any possibility that you may be accessing duplicate content in Smartsheet, perhaps copied versions of the sheet/Dashboard that did not have any information yet? Items in Smartsheet can have duplicate names.

    If you use the Search tool bar with a keyword from that sheet name, you should be able to filter by Sheets as the item to see if there are duplicates housed in different workspaces (e.g. one in your "Sheets" folder but another one in a specific Workspace).

    Let me know if that helped!