Sync Outlook calendar events into Smartsheet


I am looking for an integration tool that allows outlook calendar items to sync to smartsheet and populate content. Such as an out of office calendar populating the task list with content so that individuals can easily see who is available to be assigned to the task. Another example might be integration of a client's recurring meeting invite or milestone going from outlook, being sent to smartsheet or updating in smartsheet, to better align assignments and work backwards from task due dates.

There are a few old posts where individuals have asked for this integration - and the answer seems to either imply that not enough people need this, or that its a great idea. Not sure how many times this has to be requested till it is apparent that enough people need it. Appears that the information can go from smartsheet to outlook, but thats backwards from my workflow. Seems like such a simple ask, and one that I have to imagine many people would benefit from. Am I missing a workaround or solution that already exists?