Date format reverting to US settings in form builder (I'm in NZ) - but not for all forms

Bek T
Bek T ✭✭✭
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Is anyone else having this issue? The date format is showing as US format (MM/DD/YYYY) in my form builder, despite my settings being set to NZ (DD/MM/YYYY). This is the first time it's happened, and weirdly, not for all forms for the sheet - just for a couple.

Currently they're set as 'hidden' however is rather confusing when making the forms; we're looking to make them a date picker for people to choose the best suitable date so hopefully can get this resolved, or it will confuse a lot of people (they won't need to be signed in, just access the form to complete).

I've tried the help centre however still going back and forth with a possible resolve, so asking here.

I'm also taking new users through this process so they can administer and build their own forms, so not having to deal with US dates to confuse things would be a lot easier.

I've also tried setting as hidden, compulsory, date picker and taken off again, saved, etc. but to no avail - so appreciate any insight - also would be interesting to know if others are having this same issue? Seems there was some sort of bug in 2019 that caused something similar, not sure if it's another one? Ngā mihi.



  • PM_Reeves
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    Hi @Bek T ,

    Hope you're well. I've had something similar, though not with forms, just in sheets. I'm based in Adelaide and occasionally I see dates and times have changed to Pacific Zone details, so not only are dates in the wrong format, but they're incorrect as in they show a day earlier than they actually should.

    On the main project sheets they're always correct, but I have a feed to a master sheet that references an updated field. Nothing can change in this field for weeks on wend, then all of a sudden it decides to display in US format for no reason.

    Simply clicking in an empty cell in the source sheet (not even the linked cell), and saving causes the destination sheet to revert to AU format.

    Smartsheet have looked into it, but no great success in finding a permanent solution.

    Similar to your issue, it's not all linked cells on the destination sheet, just random choices out of 80+ source sheets.

    Just had a look at creating some forms from my source sheets, but they're all displaying in AU format. If I hear anything back from Smartshett support that seems relevant I'll let you know.


  • Bek T
    Bek T ✭✭✭

    Hi @PM_Reeves, thanks for your feedback. Weird that you're getting the day earlier thing, like it hasn't recognised the IDL settings and thrusts you into yesterday! I find the inconsistency the most baffling. I found that I've had to instruct each user to change their settings, otherwise even when they complete updates via a form (auto request) the email confirmation I get is in US date format; but the date in the form builder I haven't come across until now. I've lodged it with support and they're looking into it/ have raised it as a bug fix, so hopefully that will sort it out. It's not too much of an issue but is rather confusing when building a lot of forms with dates like 2 March, 5 Sept, etc. so prefer they find a fix!

    Will let you know the outcome if you like - plus if I encounter or hear any fixes on your issue, will be sure to let you know.

    Ngā mihi,