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Managing Cross Sheet References at the Workspace Level


Today, cross sheet references must be managed within an individual sheet. I'd like to be able to implement and manage cross sheet references at the workspace level as well.

Use Case:

3 sheets containing unique data, but identical columns that are fully replaced weekly; 2 reports generated from those 3 sheets. The 2 reports contain a total of 18 cross sheet references (9 each; 3 references from each of the 3 sheets). Half of the cross sheet references from the sheets are used in both reports. Each week when replacing the 3 sheets, I need to update all 18 cross sheet references for both reports since the original sheet referenced no longer exists.

Two requests:

Add the ability to set/manage cross sheet references also at the workspace level allowing for a range to be added/edited across all sheets/reports being stored in that workspace. This would be very useful when multiple artifacts reference need to reference the same range. A toggle setting could be included to indicate whether the reference should be at the sheet/report or workspace level.

Allow for cross sheet references to automatically "update" to reference a "replacement sheet" without needing to edit all of the sheet references. For example, if I name the 3 files (referenced above) exactly the same and save them in the same workspace/location, the cross sheet reference should carry over to point at the replacement sheet since it is now the only sheet with that name.

Mandie R

Sr Project Manager


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