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Reducing intricacies that need multiple child sheets to 1 simple solution (datamesh bi-directional)

Rich N
Rich N ✭✭✭

@Genevieve P.

Please please please make it so that you can either do a "report from reports" or have data mesh work in both directions. That or make it so that dynamic view can have logic for which fields are shown based on which column the current user is in.

This is necessary because sometimes a user will be listed as "additional approver 1" or maybe "additional approver 2". But without some way of providing ONLY the columns for that user based on how they are listed on THAT workflow some very significant work arounds are necessary.

Our business wants 1 and only 1 link for people to visit regardless what role they are put into. IE since they could be put randomly in any of 10 roles for that stage of approval, they shouldn't have to check 10 different reports / sheets, etc.

I currently have to have 1 parent sheet, 1 sheet to drive formulas for the parent sheet, 1 sub-sheet for each role (through data mesh from the parent sheet) just so I can rename the columns so I can "stack" them in the final report for users to view. This is more than 15 different sheets and reports with a multitude of datamesh, formulas and links between them all.

What has taken me weeks to perfect and refine and setup only to be thwarted by "if smartsheet just allowed this one minor thing" could be accomplished in half a day to a day at most.

What would be required if small changes were made:

1 main sheet with 1 dynamic view if I could set up logic for columns based on current user matching a specific cell.

1 main sheet and 1 child sheet if data mesh worked in both directions.

1 main sheet and 1 child sheet if I could copy just SOME cells to a new sheet instead of the whole row (much like data mesh)

1 main sheet, 8 reports and 1 main report if I could do a "report of reports"

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