How do I get alerted when my data shuttle workflow to update drop downs failed?


Hi - I have several data shuttle workflows to update dropdowns. They all appear to be running successfully, but then I find that a mapped value is not present in the drop-down. When I go to edit the workflow I get the following error - One or more of the columns in your target sheet are out of date. Please refresh your mapping to retrieve the latest column.". i know what is happening, the file being exported has additional columns. I would still think my column mapping should map properly, especially because it appears it is based on the run and green check. But it's not and Because I don't necessarily know when columns are added to the source file being exported, i need a way to be notified of this.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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    for more context… i have a master employee list what i'm using Data Shuttle to do is create a drop-down of employee names across various forms that have workflows. This runs nightly so as employees come and go the drop downs in the respective workflows are updated. Everything appears to be working and i'm getting the green check mark but I'm finding the new names are not added. I then investigated and find it's because the file with the employee names has changed since the mapping was created. Ideally, I'd like no one to mess with my employee list export but that will be tricky so is there a way I can get notified when this misalignment or error occurs? Even if it gave me the red ! mark vs. green check. The green check is misleading in this situation.

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    Hello @lehill,

    It looks like Smartsheet just updated the Data Shuttle Error Notifications on April 25th! Make sure you're opted in to receive the notifications, but you should now get notified. Please see this article for more information!

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