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Leah Rankin
Leah Rankin ✭✭✭
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Hi all,

I've been struggling with a Data Shuttle workflow that is very similar to many others we use that are working well. When I run it, I get this very vague error, which I have never encountered before:

What I am trying to do is take data from one sheet and, with a given trigger, map that data into a new sheet. Specifically, we are scheduling classes in one sheet, and then we they have been approved by a supervisor, they are getting moved to another sheet that queues them for entry into our Learning Management System. Currently, this is set up such that:

  1. There is WORKING offload workflow from sheet 1 that exports to csv all of the scheduled class information. I have reviewed this sheet and it looks as expected and is offloading data properly. It looks like this:

2. There is an upload workflow that is NOT WORKING. It takes the information from the attachment in the source sheet:

and is set to replace all data in the target sheet (because I do not have unique identifiers in the target sheet at first pass; this is the same reason I cannot do this in DataMesh. There is a third workflow that will update any information that has changed if I can ever get past this step):

There is no filter logic, and all of the columns are mapped:

and then it is set to run on attachment.

As you can see, there are a variety of unmapped columns in both sheets. I made sure all mapped columns in the target sheet are Text/number columns except for the two date columns.

If anyone has any insight into what may be causing this error, I'd really appreciate it. Or any thoughts about a different way to accomplish this. I can't use the automation to move the row to the other sheet because the columns do not exactly match between the two sheets.


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