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I'm trying to use Document Builder to start a document in SS, route in Docusign, then pull back into SS. Its working well as long as it gets approved - but I'm looking for a way to capture the Comment entered by the DocuSign users if they reject/decline to sign. I want that DS comment to sync into a column in the SmartSheet.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance :-)



  • rudie.raath

    Open DocuSign and either create a new template or edit an existing one. Ensure you include a comment field where signers can explain why they reject or decline to sign. You'll need to add a data field, like a text box, specifically for these comments. It's important to mark this field as required for those who choose to decline the document so that their comments are always captured.

    Next, move on to setting up your Smartsheet. Add a new column to your Smartsheet, something like "DocuSign Comments," where these comments can be stored. Then, you'll use the Smartsheet Data Shuttle to map the data from DocuSign to your Smartsheet. Make sure this workflow includes mapping the comment field from DocuSign to the new column in your Smartsheet.

    Now, integrate DocuSign with Smartsheet. Use the Smartsheet Document Builder to create documents from your Smartsheet data and route them through DocuSign. Configure the Document Builder to capture the document's status, whether approved or declined, along with any comments provided.

    For even better synchronisation, you can set up DocuSign Connect or Webhooks to push updates to Smartsheet whenever the document status changes. This step is optional but helpful for real-time updates.

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