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Import Users in to a Group Via CSV/VCF file


We currently have the option to import users into "My Smartsheet Contacts" using a .CSV/.VCF file and this works well in my usage. We don't have the same feature to import a large number of contacts in to a group and I think this would be a good option.

I needed to add >900 users into a group and checked with Smartsheet support to identify the best way to achieve this. Copy and pasting the email addresses into the group was recommended. However, I found that I got an error if I tried to do this with more than 100 contacts in one go and so had to repeat the copy and paste 10 times.

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  • imyers107961
    imyers107961 ✭✭
    edited 06/25/24

    I have not had any success importing contacts using either .CSV or .VCF file formats. .VCF tells me it needs to be in .VCF which makes absolutley no sense. When converting to .CSV it lietrally does nothing. It seems to work but then when trying to add contacts into fields it is not there. I literally need to manually add the contact in Smartsheet or give access via email which most people in my company do not have subscriptions. Smartsheet being not so smart I guess.

  • Protonsponge
    Protonsponge ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/25/24

    Hello @imyers107961 - this article might be helpful for bulk import of contacts in to your Smartsheet contacts, I found that works well if your columns are clearly labelled "First Name", "Last Name" and Email Address" exactly as per below.

    I got the following guidance from Smartsheet support on the bulk import of contacts in to a group. As they claimed below you can copy and paste up to 1,000 email addresses at a time however I got an error message if I did more than 100 in one go

    From Smartsheet support:-

    …Once you have exported your contacts, you can follow the steps below in creating a group:

    In the lower left corner, select your account icon and then select Group Management. 

    In the Account Summary section on the Groups tile, select Manage Groups.

    On the top right, select Create Group. 

    Enter the group details in the Create Group pane.

    To add group members in bulk, in the Add Members tab, copy and paste up to 1,000 email addresses from an Excel or .csv file.

    Select Create.

    The group appears on your contact list, and you'll automatically be a member.