What are Your DataMesh Use Cases - Dog Photo Attached as a Bribe for Your Response


Hello Everyone,

I'm looking into what people are using DataMesh for within their companies and their own workflows. We just started a big push at my company for SmartSheet and are currently using just the core product. Being broken up by region/market/geography we end up with a lot of fractured data sitting in a bunch of excel sheets and hard drives.

My thought with Datamesh is, it would be nice to have managed region/market/geo level sheets for leadership in those areas and have them merge into a master sheet my corporate leadership and I can look over and manage. Ideally we could have this pull from our CRM (automatically using DataShuttle or manual updates) and centralize it for editing and commenting/collaborative work.

I would love to hear how everyone else is using this so I can validate my current thoughts or use your ideas as inspiration for some new ideas on how we can leverage this tool!



Michael - Alternative Delivery Analyst

Ames Construction


  • Isis Taylor
    Isis Taylor ✭✭✭✭

    @iLoveData At my company we use DataMesh in our project intake process. Two intake sheets are used to create a project intake report which is then used as the source in our DataMesh config. Specified project data fields are then mapped to another "master sheet" than we use to track/forecast resource needs by project and assigned resource manager.

    Isis Taylor

    Business Analyst Senior

  • iLoveData
    iLoveData ✭✭✭

    @Isis Taylor

    Thank you very much for your response and that's great! It's actually very similar to what I'm thinking of doing. So the Datamesh is able to pull out the merged fields from the report and turn them into a master sheet?

    Do changes to the master sheet also get pushed back to the report or is it designed to be a one way intake only?

    Michael - Alternative Delivery Analyst

    Ames Construction