Community Corner Newsletter [July 2024]

Isaac A.
Isaac A. Employee

Greetings, Smartsheet Community! I'm Isaac, part of your dedicated Community Team. Welcome to another edition of our Community Corner Newsletter!

I'd like to start with a huge shoutout to Marcela for her fantastic work on last month's newsletter. The photos from the beach cleanup campaign organized by the Social Responsibility team in Costa Rica were truly inspiring. It's wonderful to see the positive impact you all had on the environment—kudos to everyone involved!

In this edition, we're excited to share the latest highlights from our Smartsheet Community. Stick around to discover more about what's been happening and to learn a bit about me. Let's jump right in!

Community highlights

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You can tackle anything when your mood and energy lifts, right? The power of pop!”

- Mark Weeks (@Mark Weeks), Project Manager at the Office of the Director General Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Western Australia (and recent Overachiever graduate!)


More about me:

I'm based in Costa Rica, a country I'm incredibly passionate about. Despite its small size, Costa Rica boasts an impressive array of biodiversity, home to over 5% of the world's species. It's a fascinating place with so much to explore.

I'm very proud of our country and love discovering new places within it. Just last summer, I visited the Valley of Orosi and the Cachi dam in Cartago. The views were breathtaking, and the sheer size of the dam was awe-inspiring, as you can see in the picture.

I'd love to hear from you—what are the best places to visit in your town or country? Share your favorites with me!


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  • Alison Clancy

    Amazing @Isaac A.! I can't wait to come hang out in Costa Rica with you and the team. For me, my favorite place to visit in my part of the US is Joshua Tree which is about 2.5 hours from my home in San Diego. It feels like you're on another planet while also making me feel very grounded. Probably why I got a Joshua Tree tattoo. 😉

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  • Isaac A.
    Isaac A. Employee

    That sounds like a lovely place, @Alison Clancy! Joshua Tree is definitely on my list of places to visit now. And now that you mention it, I should get a tattoo to celebrate my love for Costa Rica too!😎

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  • Will Duplex
    Will Duplex ✭✭✭✭✭

    Really cool newsletter this month @Isaac A.! I didn't know I was on the leaderboard, that was a nice surprise! Next step is for me to get my certification. 😀