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Filtering Older Data

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I was wondering how to use smartsheets to filter out older data in a log. For example in a purchasing log, what I did at first was creating a checkbox column with cells such that a order that arrived for longer than 2 weeks will be filtered out:

=IF(AND([Last Modified]1 < TODAY(-14), Status1 = "Arrived"), 1)

That function was fine for existing cells, but for the rows that are approaching 2 weeks old, the last modified would update to the day that the checkbox was supposed to be ticked, which essentially makes the function not do what I intended it to do.

What I'm attempting now is having a checkbox column that checks if an order is older than 2 weeks, and using the filter system to show rows that match "Old is unchecked" and "Status is not one of arrived." However, I'm not sure if it works and would just like to know a method to automate this process.


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