New Functions and Notification Controls

Shaine Greenwood
Shaine Greenwood Employee
edited 09/13/17 in General Announcements
Hello Smartsheet Community!

Happy Monday! We released some new features over the weekend. Below is a description of the new features and relevant help content to learn more:

  • Three New Functions:

    • SMALL—Find the n-th lowest value in a range.

    • LARGE—Find the n-th highest value in a range.

    • COLLECT—Used within another function to gather only values that meet a certain criteria.

  • New Notification Controls—Control who can receive notifications on a sheet and account level. With this feature, you can allow anyone with a valid email address to receive notifications, even if they’re not shared to the sheet.
You can find overview of new features, plus a list of bugs fixed in this release, later this week in our Release Notes site: