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Gant Chart Timeline in minutes/hours

Can i show my giant chart in minutes/hours rather than days?


  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This is not yet implimented.  I dare say it will be but they need to sort out start times and end times of working days and how to show a start time or end time.  The start and Finish date columns still only show the date not the time.


  • Currently we only support day level zoom on the desktop app, however, you can zoom to two hour increments on the mobile applications. As for "start times and end times" we already calculate them to correctly handle sub-day durations and dependencies.  I'm wondering, how you would want to interact with the time component? We could add it to the date column, but that will clutter up the display for many of our users. Can you describe the specific use cases where you need time? 

  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I believe start and finish times are inportand for those people that are running projects or scheduling tasks where tsks have short durations, so that they can see when the next task is due to be started or when they can schedule the next task for a particular resource.


    Before this can be done I believe that we need to specify not just the duration of a working day but the Start Time nd the End time and also a Lunch/break period in between.

    I see the Date column being able to be formatted with or without the time element.  However I also see there being a Date/time column type so that the time can be displayed on its own. EG using a formulae to = Start but formated to time giving a Start date column and a start time column.  I believe that this would give the greatest flexability and  functionality.

  • I agree 100% on the Gantt zoom levels. We need to zoom in to see hours AND to even see the days closer. THIS IS IMPORTANT and A DEAL BREAKER IF NOT FIXED!

  • Here's a use case for durations in hours : we've got a manufacturing process working just-in-time where each customer order is scheduled to the minute so that everything lines up properly at each working station. We'd like to be able to display all the orders at a given workstation in the proper sequence so as to be able to predict at what time a specific order should be ready to ship.

    Maybe the Gantt chart module is not the proper one for this task. If so, any recommendation?

  • Dear Smartsheet Development Team, could you please share your intention on this important point ?  The ability to track/visualize assigned tasks at a granularity level lower than the day is key.  Thank you. 

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