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Setting up notifications and alerts

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I am going to have a sheet made for every lot that we land survey on which adds up to a lot. Each sheet I have 13 rows of tasks and 13 rows of columns, 12 of them being contacts and one of them being status of the task.  

I am trying to set up the notification or alert to contact those in the contact columns when the status has been updated. The contacts for each task are all the same down the rows per sheet. 

Here is my issue:

These contacts change from time to time so I need to cell link each contact from another sheet which has the contacts on it so if the contact changes we don't have to go in every sheet and change the contact and only have to do this in the contact sheet. I need an easier way rather then cell linking 156 cells (12 contacts x 13 tasks).

I have all my contact columns set up as text/number so I can put a formula =PARENT in the 13 task child cells because the formula doesn't work as a contact. So I cell link the parent row from the contact sheet and it brings over their email address. 

I thought this worked but it's only working for those who are shared to the sheet and I made sure I have "any email address" selected in my user management settings and in my notifications and alert settings. 

I need a better solution if anyone knows a work around for my issue. 

Thanks thanks thanks!


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