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Is it possible to assign a task to multiple people?



  • Erik Jensen
    Erik Jensen ✭✭✭✭

    Any update on this?  I have been adding indented multiple assignees for the past year or two and am growing tired of it.  


    I have lots of thoughts on how this could be implemented if anyone cares to ask...

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
  • Gregory Scharfstein

    I agree that adding multiple people to one task with an adjustment for percent of each person is critical. At Berkeley Lab, we are putting MS Project up against smartsheet and not having this feature makes it difficult.


    The workarounds mentioned will not suffice.


    Please add this feature! Thanks!

  • Nicholas Donlin
    edited 04/27/16

    I believe being able to assign a "group" to a task is a must when using smart sheet as a construction schedule. I have many crews that bounce from job to job and it would be so nice to assign them to a task then have all the guys pull over into the resource view so we have a simple and straightforward way to allocate our manpower to our future needs. 

  • MadanesSchool .
    edited 05/04/16

    Please add this feature.

    At our School we often assign tasks to small groups of employees (2 or 3 people).

    This is not a particularly sophisticated feature, it basically means that the responsability for completing a particular task is shared between the 2-3 people in the group.

    That's why this is an extremely important feature for us and for a huge number of SmartSheet users.


    I think, in my opinion, that if the developers' team believes this feature conflicts in some critical way with SmartSheet's architecture and therefore it's known that it will actually never become a feature - it's important to clarify that to customers upfront. 

    So that people can take a decision. Otherwise there is a growing mass of customers that simply keeps waiting. One year on the same thread it's a long time!


    Thank you for considering this request.


  • Michael R.

    Here is a way it could be implemented by your SmartSheet team I'd think:

    Create "alias" names. Add a new feature in the Group Management section or add a new section like Alias Management. The admin can add an Alias name like "SOCIAL MEDIA TALENT." Under that name you add each person's email and name. Simple. Then in the "Assign" column of the sheet, for a particular task row, when you choose SOCIAL MEDIA TALENT, all info and updates go out to those on that Alias just like if it was an individual. Maybe there are new rules (things you cant do) that exist in only those kinds of rows but I think based on what I see already in SS, this could be implemented quickly. 

  • Peter C

    Sadly the decision has been made for us. 

    Our company is now moving away Smart Sheet to another online project managment tool  that allows mulitple resources to be assigned to tasks.


    Really dissapointing as I truely enjoyed the SS interface and believe it is a better tool then the one we are moving to.


    Single resources on each task was the number one reason that we won't be renewing our subscription to SS.

  • Angie Hatfield
    Angie Hatfield ✭✭✭✭

    I agree. The ability to assign multiple people to a task and then select their allocation time would be very helpful and easier to maintain than multiple duplicate rows. 


    Thank you

  • Ross Leahy
    edited 05/31/16

    Sorry but this really fundamental and proabbly means I pull the plug on Smartsheet and check out other cloud options.

    I agree MS Proj has become too unwiedly by the concepts of elasped time vs work are so fundamental, 

    As I see it, I either know when tasks will be finished or how busy my people are - I cannot do both.

    The only work around seems to be task duplication.

    I have too many tasks that will require 1 assignee for 1/2 day for 10 days

  • TeresaG
    edited 06/02/16

    +1 for multiple people assigned same task feature

  • pentatonic145

    Wow - I was shocked to find that you can't assign a task to mulitple resources. And this thread has been open forever and they still haven't added this feature? Makes me think twice about jumping to the enterprise version and using this for my whole team...

  • I have searched high and low for a straight forward way to share timelines and project plans with resource management and consolidated views across projects and accounts. This is an excellent tool and I am so dissapointed that the lack of this ONE feature is why we cannot use it.  It seems like an incredibly simple feature to add but of course I may not understand all the implications with how the tool operates.  PLEASE consider adding this feature in the future.  It would be our #1 tool of choice for our agency.  

  • Laurie Bearden

    My team would absolutely benefit from this feature, as well!  Please add my vote! 


    Thank you!

  • Dave Morrow

    Card View is pretty but it does not show links or depedancies or even resources. With the number of people requesting multiple resources per task, I would think that it might be included on your radar in the near future!

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