Date format on workspaces

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I had the following questions on date formatting:

1. If I change the format in personal settings (admin account), does it impact other users and their work spaces?

2. Can I maintain different date formats for different workspaces - say workspace one following US and the workspace two following UK? If not through personal settings, is there any other way of formatting the UI?


  • Alison
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    Thanks for this question!  Your personal settings will only affect your items; they shouldn't affect others' settings or workspaces.  For example, if your settings were in UK date format, but mine were in US format, and we were shared to the same workspace, I'd see the dates in my format and you would see your dates in your format.

    As far as your second question, there is no way to change the date format for different Workspaces.  You can add an Enhancement Request vote for this here.  As far as another way to do this, I am not aware of any other way to achieve this, but maybe another Community member has an idea or suggestion!

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