Satisfy all requirements; with different formats of columns

dana y
dana y
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hello :) 

I need some help :) i think i have a few steps i will need to complete .. however big idea is to be able to make sure multiple columns have criteria matched; then send a notification with an attachment as well as mark a checkbox complete ..

initially i think i need to use a countifs formula to tally all columns but only if they meet certain criteria .  a few of these columns are checkboxes, while others are dropdowns.

if all are satisfied then i would set up a formula to check the checkbox .. from then send off a notification with access to attachment .. (i am good with this part) 

my problem is the countifs formula part .. i can get two criteria to work; but as soon as i try to use additional criteria within the same column it does not work .. for example:


=COUNTIFS([Analyst Check]2:Analyst Check]2, =1, [Numbers Recorded]2:[Numbers Recorded]2, <>"")

I was hoping to use the not blank .. but that does not seem to be working .. the numbers recorded column has 4 choices .. two of which would satisfy the criteria ..


sorry if this is confusing also:) 

thanks for any and all help!





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