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Building A Sheet That is Agile Velocity Focused

Chris Power
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

It won't let me hyperlink a copy of it but here is the URL for those who trust I'm not trying to do anything scary.




So this creates a gant shart that shows them waterfalling off one another (but only shows where they end and not begin)  It also allows him to change the velocity to change how long in the chart it takes.  Since each row is independent when you rearrange the rows it still works (for example if the priorities change)


The formulas move over to smartsheets fine (although I wish there were some automated smarts to do this for me instead of me manually putting them in) The real obstacles are 

1. The formulas for some reason don't stay.  I use them and the result shows but I can't edit them afterward.

2. If I reprioritize it breaks the formulas

3. It doesn't allow me to overlap tasks in the sprint


I'll recreate the smartsheet what I can and share the link once its done for some more help if you think it'll help





excel Chart.PNG


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