Row sharing work around suggestions?

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I am a new user of smart sheet. I have recently just set-up smartsheet as a tool to track around 200 customer work requests that are going through a University manufacturing workshop. The nature of the work means that there needs to be a reasonable amount of exchange of information between the technicians doing the manufacturing and the customers who have requested the work. Hence I was hoping that I could share the row (or rows) relating to the work with the customer who submitted the work request so that they could see progress and add comments. 

However  I have not been able to share just the row. I have a column titled "created by' which has the email address of the person who requested the job, this is the person I was hoping to be able to share the row with.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to achieve this? I was thinking about using an update request, but this needs a trigger from smart sheet to send the update request...I have set up and alert and action that notifies the customer whenever there is a change to their row in the sheet...can I get the alert to have a link for the customer to generate a update request?

Note, I have seen another thread on the community forum which seemed to imply that it is not possible to share just a row, (which has been my experience to date) hence the reason why I am trying to make a work around.

Thank you for your suggestions



  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Andrew,

    You might consider instead of sending people only a notification, sending them the update request (or possibly sending them both an update request and a notification), that way they have a path to make edits if they need to, with a notification to help them understand the changes.

    Another idea is to send them a notification as well as an approval request. The approval request could contain options such as "no changes needed" or "need to change." If they select "need to change" then that could trigger an automated update request.

    More info on approval requests can be found in the help center: