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I accidentally overwrote an entire sheet that was linked to dashboard metrics thinking I had "saved as new". Is there a way to revert back to a previously saved version of the sheet, since Smartsheet is a cloud based tool? I have contacted support with no answer in several days. 

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    If you didn't plan a scheduled back-up, then I'm pretty sure you are screwed... There is no direct way to get a sheet back from a specific moment.


    Please let me know if you have some news from the support!


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  • Brad Jones
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    Sadly, Smartsheet does not have real backup solutions for the customers.  You can back up to an Excel sheet on a schedule, but it's values only - most formulas and some formatting will be lost - and the sheet/cell history is completely toast.

    Smartsheet can sometimes restore a snapshot of a sheet, if you contact them quickly enough.  Not sure what the 'statute of limitations' is on how far back you can go.  And, having never had to recover a sheet through them - not sure how much of the sheet data/meta-data will be restored.

    Your best bet is to call them.  Emails travel at light speed, but are are almost always resolved slower than a good old fashioned phone call.