Changing date from Outlook

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I'm trying to set up Smartsheet to track follow up on a large number of small projects.  Using the smartsheet for outlook app with the web-based version of outlook (my desktop is 2010), I am not able to update a column with a date from outlook.

I am trying to set up a system to alert me if I haven't received an update on a task.  I tried to create a "last contact" date with conditional formatting, so when I get an email I can attach it to the task and update the "last contact" date.  If i just connect the email it works, but if try to change the "last contact" date it doesn't show up.

Next tried to create a "modified date", which sort of works if I change the status (smartsheet for outlook will change status).

These aren't critical dates, I just want to be able to use the card view as a dashboard to see who I need to be checking in with.

Any thoughts on why it won't let me update the date, or another way to set up a similar system?




  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Mike,

    It's likely that you're changing end dates involved with the dependencies functionality. Those fields can't be changed from the outlook add in, as they may cause unintended changes to other dates in your sheet.

    You may try either adding another date column to your sheet, or disabling the dependencies functionality.