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Click to call with skype or google voice

Does anyone know how to get click to call to work in smartsheet?  I noticed that when I first logged into smartsheet, skype was able to make a call from a cell containing a phone number, then all the cells were no longer recognizable after that.


I am hoping that there is some way to make click to call work in either skype or google voice, from a sheet, without having to make a public publishing onto the web.


Thank you!


  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    I have just tried to call using skype and it worked, however I noted the following.

    When I entered the Number (remember to use the International Number i.e. +44) in a sheet open in IE it was instantly recognised.  When I entered a number in Chrome it was not.  However any numbers entered via IE  showed up in Chrome as a skype link OK.


    I hope this helps



  • Hello James,


    Thank you for your response.  I am not a big fan of IE and am using chrome, which may explain why maybe they don't show up.  You said entering numbers via IE showed up in chrome ok.  Can you please explain what you mean by this?  Are you saying that you are using IE to populate the cells in smartsheet?  Thank you.

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