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I was wondering if smartsheet linking has the capability to perform this following type of function:

If I create a Request Log spreadsheet, and one of those columns has a drop down with options, approved, hold, pending, is it possible to create a function wherein once that approved selections has been made then that row of information will flow unto another spreadsheet? Such as what we call a Functional Roadmap?





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    Unfortunately, it isn't possible natively in Smartsheet but you can do it with Zapier or a similar service.

    I hope this helps you!


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  • Hello, 

    I think another option that might work is to setup a new smartsheet report that will read your smartsheet and only report items of a specific status.  For example, your report (named Functional Roadmap?) would only report on "Approved" status' from your smartsheet.   This way you can keep all the requested items in your original smartsheet.   If you don't want to see "Approved" items in your smartsheet, add a filter to remove it from that view. 

    Good luck!