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Having read many posts on the subject, I am guessing there isn't a good answer, but I figured I would try anyway:

I am trying set up a recurring task list for process checks in our plant.  Every day, each contact has a number of checks to do.  I have figured out how to set everything up so that the update requests go out prompting each contact to conduct their checks and update the results.

The problem is the requests only get sent if the sheet is opened and saved (I am using an "=today()" field changing to trigger the update requests).

Because I have techs working on all three shifts (along with some other contraints), this is a pretty serious limitation.  Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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    I am assuming you are using a notification instead of an update request. I think what you want is actually a reocurring update request, which can be done by creating an update request on the row, then selecting "Edit" next to delivery and picking a time. Use multiple update requests for different tasks/times during the day. It is a hassle to build, but once you have it, the program shouldn't fail. I use the same thing for a weekly cleaning audit we do.

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    Hi all,

    Good news! It's coming!

    Customers have requested the ability to set up workflows that repeat on a regular schedule.

    We're preparing recurrence for time-based workflows so you can save even more time on repetitive steps, such as daily due date reminders and weekly status update requests. This automation enhancement will be available this spring.…

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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