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Looking for some suggestions or Ideas

Simon Angel
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

We have been using Smartsheet for a few months now and want to enhance what we do.


We run our customer projects on Smartsheet (all working fine).


We would like to create a Change Control Web Form, however we want to pick up the Customer Name from one place, the project from another and the CCF details would be manually entered into the web form.


* Does anyone know of plugin functionality that we could use?

* If not are there any examples of anything simlar being done elsewhere that we could look at.

* Once the CCF form is completed we want to convert the document ot .PDF and then pass it to docusign for signature capture.

* Once the signature is complete we will want to attach the document it to an element of an existing project.


Any one have any ideas or suggestions?






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