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Users from another account

We have a vendor who is assisting us with a project and he already has smartsheet.  Is there a way for him to have access to our sheets as well with his login or is that not allowed where we would have to setup another account with a new email for him?


Did a search and couldnt find same question so bare with me if a duplicate questions.




  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee

    Hello Jose, 


    The vendor can remain on the team/account they are currently on, and continue to share sheets with your team and have sheets shared with him without issue. The sheets will need to be specifically shared to their account, but as long as the sheets are shared successfully, his account will be able to access them without any change required. 



  • Thank You.  Tried that and it worked.  I just didnt notice the option up front and didnt realize the sharing was on a sheet to sheet basis.


    Really liking the product and we will probably be using this program organization wide to be able to share project schedules with different management very easily.


    Appreciate it.

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