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Hey Everyone,

I'm searching for help with developing a time card solution using the form feature. I understand there are already templates in Smartsheets but none them seem to work. The closest template would be the "Weekly Time Card". However it's not really weekly but daily when we referring to the process in filling out the form. 

My problem is I would like for them to be able to fill out the form on a weekly basis for each day of the week. The problem is the form only creates one line at a time. Therefore, they have to go in and fill out the form 7 times for each day of the week (if they work everyday). 

I have attached the excel spreadsheet we currently use. If anyone can help with taking this format and throwing it into smartsheets, it would be greatly appreciated.





  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Coy

    Assuming your time sheet entrants are all Computer or tablet/ Phone users  and also presume that you do not want one person seeing what others are recording...? 

    In which case you may well give weekly access to your colleagues which can fill out the example sheet, fille out each day they worked, in Smartsheet as a vertical form which they receive automatically on a weekly basis using timed and repeating Update Requests. They then fill out your master spreadsheet for you! 

    As Consultants we know that virtually every client needs something slightly different in their time sheets and we have done hundreds of them, so if you can budget for some quick assistance, we could either use an existing version that matches your need or probably even better, very rapidly build you your own in short order. 

    We do offer a free initial consultation to discuss via Screenshare using Zoom.us? 

    Let me know if you would like us to assist or just do as we suggest and let us know ho you get on? Start by uploading your excel sheet into Smartsheet?  

    Hope that helps? 


  • Ken

    I wanted to follow up to see if there had been an better way to do weekly updates like posted above