Resizing Sight To Eliminate Blank Space


I'm having an issue with a sight where there is blank space at the bottom of the sight which will not go away. This looks ok when using the sight in smartsheet, but when it's embedded in another application using an iframe, it leaves some space. That means the height of the frame has to be large enough to span the whole sight, leaving blank space at the bottom of the frame, or the frame can be sized to hug the visuals which leaves a scroll bar in the frame. I've tried adding widgets into the space then deleting them to trigger the sight to resize but that has not worked. Any ideas? See the attached screenshots which show this issue occurring in one embedded sight but not in another. The red boxed area on the first screenshot shows the additional space, and you can see that there is a scroll bar to the right, meaning the blank space would be significantly longer.



Dashboard Length Example.png

Dashboard Length Example - Good.png


  • Hi David,

    In the iFrame markup, try editing the HEIGHT= parameter to a smaller value and see if that does the trick.

    Otherwise, you might try putting a "footer" widget at the bottom of your dashboard that spans the width of the dashboard. A title widget that says "end" or "bottom" that can signify to any viewers that the dashboard stops there.

  • Hi Shane,

    I'm able to update the height of the iframe so its height matches the height of the content of the sight, but this leaves the iframe scrollbar which leaves a long scroll length which scrolls to the blank space. I guess the best option will be to recreate the sight and reshare it with the other users without the blank space at the end.

    How would I add this as a feature request? I'm assuming this issue will pop up again in the future with other sights that are used frequently.


  • Hi David,

    You can submit a feature request directly to our Product team using the Product Enhancement Request form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

  • Hi Shaine,

    I'm also experiencing the same. Please assist. Thank you.