Use of Smartsheet for Preventive maintenance program


I looked at several tool to manage our maintenance program. We have several equipments with subcategory that I can organize with Parent and children relationship. I have a due date and a frequency of operation (industrial application: Replace hydraulic oil, replace wear plate etc).

My plan: create 2018 maintenance program sheet with all the equipment and tasks. I have a due date and actual completion date. Looks like I will not be able to visually display both date on the gantt but I can at least use this for tracking record. Based on the frequency I can automatically define the next due date (Next due date = completion +365 if yearly).

I keep filling this sheet until end of 2018. Once done, I saved the sheet as a template. Open the template for my 2019 plan. Copy next due date from the 2018 in the due date column of the 2019 plan.

I am barely getting started with the report tool but my expectation are to generate report showing on time completion and Due maintenance task for the upcoming month withj spare part list

I have seen I few application regarding facility management but not applicable to repetitive maintenance program.

I would like to get some feedback / recommendation for this preventive maintenance application.