Sync between Dropbox and Smartsheets

Deb Schindler
Deb Schindler ✭✭
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I have a dashboard for my committee, with links to Word documents held in a Dropbox account. The Smartsheets workspace & dashboard and the Dropbox folder are all shared with my committee members. I want them to click the link on the dashboard, edit the file (add comments), and then save so that we can see everyone's comments at our meeting. Comments made from the dashboard link don't seem to be getting saved, and if someone goes straight to Dropbox and adds a comment, it doesn't appear on the document from the dashboard. How can I keep the document in sync and see everyone's comments? 




  • Hi Deb,

    It sounds like they're editing a different document altogether. If they're downloading the document and then saving a new copy back to dropbox, your link will take you back to an older version of the document.

    Make sure they're adding a new version of the same document instead of saving a new copy back to dropbox. One way to tell whether this is happening is by checking the source folder in dropbox or having someone who recently added comments to a word file to open their own dropbox and see if there's a different copy of the file stored in their dropbox account.

    Another way to tell is by looking at the dropbox file history, more info on this is available on dropbox's support site: