Receipt for Work Completed

I want to auto generate a receipt with Zapier or something and send it to the supervisor and client upon work completed.


Problem: Our electricians perform tests on all equipment we install. We have many QC forms that we use but using them is very cumbersome. Our techs need to ensure that they print them off before going to the site and after scan and email to the correct people. Then it is sent to the client. 

Solution? Attached is a Doc of what tables need to be filled out. I wanted to use SS Forms to gather data for our electricians and make it easier. Form 1 gathers the yellow portion of the document. After being submitted it, auto loads form two. Which gathers equipment being tested and will auto reload 

After all is done my thought is to use a join function or parent/ children function to add all like items together in a cell separated by a newline character all in the same row.

My problem is how to send that info into a template while looking neat and clean.

Thought about using a report and then sending the report as a read only but i would like to have it so that we could get a signature via PDFFiller or something. 

Thoughts? Ideas?