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Feature Request: Row Summary Documents


Our business utilizes Smartsheet in so many ways. One feature that continually wish Smartsheet had is what I call a "Row Summary Document". This feature would essentially mimic the Form builder already contained in Smartsheet, however it would be in reverse. The form would actually be populated based on an already populated row. Therefore a user could summarize or print a row in a logical, page summary format for easy sharing. Another program or function similar would be mail merge, in which a spreadsheet is converted into a form.


I could use this functionality everyday and it would open up the tool for even more uses!


Anyone agree? 


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Medic, check out our Google integration - Smartsheet Merge


    Smartsheet Merge allows you to send row data to Google Docs and create a custom format to display the data.


    I think this is close to what you are looking for! 


    From the integration page:


    "Smartsheet Merge gives you the power to merge that data into a custom Google Doc template to create multiple Google documents or PDFs in a snap."

  • Kyle Kaldor

    I would really like this functionality as well!   I'll check out Smartsheet Merge.

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