Numerous issues in last few days

Vicky Athersmith
Vicky Athersmith ✭✭✭✭
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Have others been experiencing any unusual activity in the past few days?  I have been having a number of issues that appear to be related to permissions and reports e.g. A report we use daily suddenly showed a permission error for one of the users in the team although their permissions have not changed and they are owner of the report and admin on the sheet?  

Another example is a new sheet created today will not appear in a report?  I am able to select the sheet (for which I am owner) and I have no other criteria selected but nothing is pulling into the report?

I have logged tickets but I am hoping for my sanity that someone can tell me that it is not just me and they have also been experiencing some unusual activity?

Thanks, Vicky


  • I have been having issues with reports not showing the current data in the source smartsheet.  For example, I unchecked the checkbox for several rows in a project schedule sheet.  When I ran a report to look at only rows that were checked, the report showed several rows that were unchecked.  I tried creating a new report and it still seems to be looking at an old/cached version of the smartsheet.

    I opened a ticket for this issue today.

    Checkbox report not reading current values in smartsheet.png

  • Vicky Athersmith
    Vicky Athersmith ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you Tracey!

    I am delighted to know I am not loosing my sanity!  There have been some really wird things over the past few days and I was starting to worry it was me ;-)


  • I've been having problems with the critical path button not hiding the CP.  Glad it's not just me, hopefully the issues will be resolved soon.  The CP is also grey and not red, it's the same on lots of my sheets.

  • mmuir
    mmuir ✭✭✭

    I have also been getting #permission error.  I've reviewed my setup with another colleague and we see no issue with our setup.  I was trying to link from a Dashboard feed grid to a source log to build out a stat for my dashboard.  I'm an admin, but not the owner of the source log.   

    My colleague also reviewed her dashboard to see if she encountered the same issue.  Her original setup did not show any issues, but when she built a new function she did encounter the same #permission issue.  As well, her original functions then turned into #permission issues.  She did not save any changes, returned to the Dash Board and confirmed that everything seems to still work.

    Just the new functions are having the issue.

  • mmuir
    mmuir ✭✭✭

    Note:  as of now the issues seems to have disappeared today.