Translating Data from One Sheet to Another

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am looking for any method that could help me obtain the desired results.  I have a tracking sheet titled “PM Sales Tracking” and within the tracking sheet there is a column that is called “Design Request” I have edited the column properties(design request) to a “dropdown list” with values of “yes and no”  depending on the project managers needs they might need the Design Dept they might not.


Someone is to choose “yes” then I would like the following columns to import over to another smartsheet titled “Design Project Tracker”(or might change title) in the Design Project Tracker we only need certain columns to auto populate with the information for our design team.  

If someone is to choose "no" then no information would import over, thus the Design team will know their services aren't needed.

I sort of played around with the Reporting function and it appears that it brings all the information over from the columns you designate however what I am looking for is an option that auto populates when the initiator hits the “Design Request Column” in the 1st smartsheet titled “PM Sales Tracking”  I have also used "Cell Linking" however it doesn't produce the results desired.