Jan 10th, 2019: Cell Linking between sheets with the new UI

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Is there any updated information for linking cells between sheets with the new UI?

It looks like the direct way is still in tact (where you right-click on the destination cell, click on "Link cell from another sheet", and file through the sheets in a pane on the left until you find the source sheet, and then you click on the cell you want the data to come from).

Before the UI update, my preferred method was to copy a cell from the source sheet and paste special on the destination sheet. Looking for a way to do this with the new UI, I noticed that I can toggle between two sheets in the same browser instance and link cells using the copy/paste method, but this is such a drag because I have to wait for sheets to load, have to navigate all the way over to the cells I need, and have to go through more clicks than before. I have a lot of cell links to make on a massive summary sheet, and I'm going to be an old lady before I'm done doing it this way.

With the UI update I thought we were going to be able to copy/paste cell links between sheets that are open on separate browser tabs, but from my experience so far, it doesn't look like this is the case. Is it possible to do this (maybe I'm doing this wrong), or is this functionality going to be added at some point?



  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    I confirmed with our development team that this behavior is by design. Paste special will work in the current tab, but not across different browser tabs. Some suggestions for quickly locating the destination sheet in the current tab are by using the Search box, Favorites, or Recent Items.  

    To address your question about whether the functionality of pasting across different tabs, please take a moment, and submit your use case via the Product Enhancement Request form (you’ll find a link to this here in Community under Quick links on the right).