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I have multiple projects to be managed under a program. I have a task1 under Project A which has dependency on task2 of Project B. How can I mark dependencies between two project tasks?




  • Isaac Jose
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    Thanks for your post! It sounds like you have multiple Project Sheets, and some of these projects have tasks that are dependent upon tasks in other projects. Smartsheet doesn't currently support cross-sheet dependencies, but there are some workarounds that others have used. You can also submit a Product Enhancement Request with the quick link to the right.

    To workaround this limitation, one option is to insert a row in the sheet which dependent sheet, then use cell links to populate the row with the task information from the sheet which contains the predecessor. Once this row is inserted and cell linked, you can then link tasks to this new row with predecessors.

    Depending on the size of your projects, you may also be able to consolidate your Projects into a single Project Sheet with each project separated by a level of Hierarchy. I've included some related links below:

    I hope this helps!

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