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I have added the email address for a specific Dynamic View I would like for them to access.  Now what?  How do I point them towards the Dynamic View so they can gain access and see it?  Does Smartsheets send them an invite email automatically?  How does this work? 


  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Employee Admin

    Hi Stephanie,

    In my testing, the user will not receive an email when you add them to the list. Once you have shared the Dynamic View with an email, all you should have to do is provide them with a link to the view. They will be directed to Dynamic View and asked to sign in. They should then be able to see that view and any other views that they are shared to.

    Hopefully that addresses your concerns. Should you run into any issues during this process, please feel free to open a ticket with us at

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  • Alan Edgar

    I would also add that we place links to Dynamic Views in our Dashboards.

    Cheers: Alan Edgar, RSP i_SPACE Senior Business Analyst.

    Alan Edgar


    Senior Business Analyst