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I'm using the JIRA-SmartSheet connector to export data from JIRA into Smartsheet. I use this frequently with a lot of success. However, I just noticed something that seems a bit odd. Sometimes, I will export data utilizing a workflow with a filter of 'Labels include...x, y, z' so that my sheet will include only a limited subset of potential values. It works great. However, when I try to do the same with the "Organizations" field within JIRA, it only allows me to choose "Organizations equals x, y, z", which is not what I'm looking for and will always return "zero rows". Obviously, a trouble ticket within JIRA can apply to multiple organizations. What I'm trying to do is provide a SmartSheet for a specific organization whenever a ticket applies to their organization regardless of whether or not it applies to others (hence the need for 'includes' vs. 'equals'). 

Is this a bug that can be easily fixed? It doesn't seem to make sense that 'Organizations' would use the 'equals' qualifier given that the very word (Organizations) is plural. 'Includes' seems to be the more logical fit.




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  • Nathan Lloyd


    When configuring Filters for your Jira Connector Workflow based on custom fields, the drop-down selections you will have available for use with any given field will be determined by the field configuration in Jira. 

    If the Field Type used for your "Organizations" field in Jira is setup as Text field, for example, you could expect the drop-down values available in the Jira Connector Filter setup screen to include: Equals, Does Not Equal, Contains, Is Blank, Is Not Blank.

    If you would like the "Organizations" field to use "includes (one or more)" and "does not include", I'd recommend having a Jira Admin review the "Organizations" field configuration and set it up to emulate a similar configuration to the default "Labels" field in Jira.

    Atlassian has some guidance on various fields at the link below:

    If you need further assistance determining why your Organizations field isn't working like you would expect, please feel free to submit a ticket with Smartsheet Support here:

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