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02/11/19 Edited 12/09/19


I am auto-forwarding certain emails from Outlook to a Smartsheet list via Zapier.

Everything comes across fine but certain data fields seem limited in space.  The body of the email doesn't fully transfer.  It seems there is a character limit to either the Zapier forward or to Smartsheet.  How can I get the complete email into Smartsheet?



  • Mike L.Mike L. ✭✭

    I use the smartsheet add-in for outlook.  Select an email click the add-in button and use the search box to find the target sheet then target row.  The email body is transferred to the comments field and documents go to the attachment field.  Some formatting is lost but it is usually easy to follow. As far as I know the entire email contents are transferred into a single comment.  This is helpful for creating a task from an email or for providing comments to a task. Where it falls short is that you can only go from outlook to smartsheet  You can transfer emails to a row but from there you cannot click on anything to forward or reply to the message.  The information is stored but it is no longer a valid email file format. Does zapier do this any different?

  • Hi

    thanks for your reply.  I have the Outlook add-in but you have to select the email manually -- as far as I can tell.  I am using Zapier to pull the emails as they come into a folder and automatically populate a smart sheet.  The whole idea is to get out of the manual selection mold.  the problem is that when the emails get pulled over to Smart Sheet the body text is truncated.  I will see if the manual button works the same way.


  • Mike L.Mike L. ✭✭

    Thanks for the info. I had no idea that you could do something like this. Thanks for sharing your process. 

  • hi, I'm trying to understand how much control we have over what fields come from Outlook and how they populate the sheet once the add in is utilized. For example, I would like the "From" field in the email to auto populate the "requestor" column on my sheet so we know who the request came from. can somebody help me understand this further. thank you

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