Date miss matching

Resalat Kabir
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all, 

Ok so I reside and work for a company based in Bangladesh and we use this format for date

( Date / Month / Year ) so today will be 30/3/2019

I have two base sheet that feeds directly to a master sheet via direct cell linking which is used by the management to keep track of the latest updated.

Now the base sheet the people who maintain them use the date formate mentioned as above (30/3/2019) but when its directly linking to the master sheet it's changing to ( 3/30/2019 )

And this is causing confusion, one workaround I did was to make sure both the base and master sheet column was set to date and then in the base sheet I simply highlight all the date in the column, CUT - Save - PASTE BACK - Save.

This caused the master sheet to update the values again and this time used the correct format (30/3/2019).

can someone help me to avoid this confusion?


Thanks and Regards



  • Kara Lumley

    Hi Resalat,

    It sounds like the users who are updating the two base sheets are in a different locale than the users looking at the master sheet.

    When cell-linking, the date will always format to the destination sheets locale (the master sheet). 

    Locales can be checked and changed by going to Account: Personal Settings: Settings: Regional Preferences. 

    Hope this helps!