"The source data for this chart has changed" - Charts with Zero Values

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I have noticed that charts within a dashboard do not display and throw up a message: "The source data for this chart has changed" when they are pointed at sheets or reports where the value is zero / 0.

This is problematic for me since I have created a dashboard for a template set of sheets and reports, and the default value for the reported element is 0, and may not immediately (or ever) change to a value higher than 0 over the lifetime of the project the template set and dash are intended.

Since the dashboard is customer facing the appearance as a whole is very poor to what is otherwise a dashboard with a great deal of effort and functionality put into it...  The message itself (attached) is also a warning error with the yellow triangle, and the wording doesn't go the reasonable distance to explain the situation... it's just a techie error which is unwelcome on the front end.

Is there no way to mitigate this situation by being able to choose your own message such as 'nothing to report', or '0' or even a blank chart?

Any help would be most welcome, especially since this is a client feature I am trying to deliver.




Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 14.46.22.png


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