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As we deploy Smartsheet across our department, employees who use screen readers are experiencing compatibility issues. I read the article regarding iOS voiceover and the 2016 community discussion on this same topic. My support ticket suggested that I reach out to this community.  Any other ways to make Smartsheet more accessible at this time?  Thank you.


  • Kara Lumley
    Kara Lumley Employee
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    Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for the question. I was just forwarded your email from Michael B. and will be happy to speak to you and your employees on screen readers and accessibility. 

    We'll be reaching out directly to you shortly.

    If any other Community users have questions regarding accessibility or 508/WCAG compliance, please send an email to and we will be happy to assist. 

    Thank you,


  • DebW

    I have visual disabilities and experience significant issues with the accessibility of Smartsheet. I use a very large zoom ratio (180 - 200%) most of the time, but Smartsheet does not re-size correctly and I lose the ability to see and interact with parts of the page. I have to reduce my zoom level - making it much more difficult to use - in order to have access to all controls and information. I can easily re-produce this and highly encourage you to reach out to myself or others with visual disabilities and work them to user test. I would also encourage you to hire people with disabilities so that you gain that expertise in-house. More and more of us are getting good jobs every day and need equal access to the same tools as our co-workers. Thank you.

  • Ky Lane

    Hi @Kara Lumley - I emailed the address you detailed above, and got an instant copy/paste reply:

    Going to that page, that a very impressive statement and video which claims to have external a11y auditing, all the cool taglines people use when selling a11y, then say you are in your infancy in terms of a11y.…

    That video was posted to YouTube 2 years ago.

    What has happened since?

    This result is just from the coding stance - and hasn't had any manual testing done as yet - and thats pretty horrific really.