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Update Request with "add/subtract" formula to an existing number in a row?

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A bit new to SS, so this may have an obvious answer, but I'm trying to set up a sheet to track inventory of, say, a dozen products. The initial setup is obviously simple, but then I want to choose the product rows that contain inventory quantities, and set up an automated Update Request to my delivery driver via email each weekday morning (I've got this part working), so he can go through after he picks up for deliveries and simply note the quantity of each product he's delivering for the day, then have the "total on hand" update itself and clear out the cell that has the daily number in it.


I could just have him do the math and subtract the products from the total inventory, but I thought a smarter way to do it was to simply have him note the quantity of each heading out for deliveries for the day, which is a more natural way of thinking about products. We'd also use the same formula/method for adding to inventory on packaging day, once we have new stock to add to inventory, so it'd go both ways, adding or subtracting to the number for each.


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    I suggest you modify your sheet so that this workflow is more natural by creating a Smartsheet Report that selects today's deliveries with a cell that allows the driver to enter the quantity delivered and mark it delivered, that will enter data into the sheet where the maths deducts the deliveries from the stock. 

    The criteria for the drivers report will populate his to do list each day. Also the Report is easy to use on a Smartphone using the SS App. 

    Hope that helps?

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