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Hi, I am using Data Mesh for the first time. I am trying to populate my target sheet with a report. There is a sheet that feeds the report. New rows may be added and existing rows will be edited frequently. So, I believe choosing "Copy and Add Data" is the correct choice for Data Mapping Format. I have 2 rows in the target sheet that would not be in the source report. They are formulas needed for the incoming data...I initially tried the data mesh process where I only had those 2 rows in the target sheet thinking when I run Data Mesh it will add all the rows for me. The metrics it shows you of how many rows will be added or affected is correct, but when I run it nothing happens to my target sheet. I then tried to copy all my Initiative Names (primary/look up value) in the target sheet thinking maybe I needed to have some "match" in the first run. That didn't work either. After running DM I went in and manually re-ran it thinking maybe it was the 1 hour frequency that was the issue. That did nothing as well. Anyone have any ideas to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

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    Hi Alexis,

    Thank you for reaching out to our Support team about this error. It appears the cause of this issue is that the Due Date column is being mapped as a field. At this time there isn't a way through DataMesh or through the API to update a Due Date column due to the Dependencies enabled (DataMesh uses the API to write data to other sheets: 

    For any one else experiencing this, we recommend removing the Due Date column since DataMesh won't be able to write those rows otherwise. As an alternative, you could consider mapping the Duration field instead (note: you'll need to add it to your Report). Once the Duration field is mapped, the End Date will calculate automatically based on the Start Date and Duration. 

  • I have the exact same issue as Alexis.  I'm not using any date columns or anything with dependencies.  I am using "Copy & Add" and when I run the config it looks like it will add columns.

    I seeded the target sheet with a couple of rows and those properly update.  So it seems the "Add" part isn't working.


    Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 4.00.24 PM.png

  • I seem to have gotten to the bottom of this.  When using "Copy & Add," you cannot map the Lookup column in your mapped columns area.  In my case, the lookup was Employee Email.  I put that in the Lookup value, then mapped it in the column mapping area.  It didn't like that.

    Removing the Lookup value from my mapped columns seems to have worked.